“One word….Wow!” – keemweb

“Skimmed the first few pages of your book and I can’t wait to read more – your tone is on point!” – Amanda C.

“Sarah your humor is always honest and a great reflection of the crap that we’re all witnessing in our world.” – Mark B.

“I think this is quite possibly one of the best posts I have ever read. I love the whole concept and the way you write about politics in such an unpolitical way which in turn makes it political is absolutely brilliant (it makes more sense in my head). Love, love, love!” – Emily

“I love seeing your posts on here, it’s different, enlightening, and refreshing; thanks for being my favourite source of political wit on WP!” – Betty Z.

“‘Blood red Commie water’ is now my code phrase for Kool-aid.” – Anna

“This is hilarious and frighteningly accurate! I’ve never seen a blog similar to this. I like what I see thus far as a politics junky.” – Toni P.

“Okay this post (and in extension your blog) is BRILLIANT. I didn’t realize I needed personified countries but damn it, this was amazing and I enjoyed it immensely. Love how you tie real world references into it.” – Jade M. Wong

“Oh my. Tongue in cheek indeed 😀” – Priscilla

“This is funny, even whilst it’s depressing.” – Sam M.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful this piece is. I love the way you personified the countries and I think you hit the nail on the head. With everything that is going on today, there is far too much research, theory, and commentary that only connects with those in the academic silo. I appreciate that you took the information and made it accessible and digestible by many!” – jhosack87

“I think you’re capturing the loose grip on sanity that we’ve all been enjoying for the last few months 😉” – Nick R.

😂 If only the world news was this entertaining to read!” – DeanJean

“I think this might be my favorite post of yours, although there are about 15 runner ups” – C. J. Hartwell on Please Vote