Ouija boards will kill you unless you are a country

In an aging, creaking house in the middle of somewhere spooky, like a cemetery or something, America and Canada sat together at a small table. The flame of a candle quivered in the dusty, musty air. With their hands on the planchette, they circled the board twice and recited whatever it was you're supposed to recite so [...]

Seize the means of destruction

North Korea cried when he saw The Human Centipede. Romania remembered sitting next to him on the couch and hearing a soft sniffle. She remembered turning to him and seeing those fiery dark eyes subdued by misty sorrow as a single tear streamed down his cheek. "Someone poured his heart into directing this," North Korea said [...]

A specter’s desire

A chilling breeze whipped the night air and dragged leaves along an empty neighborhood road, scratching against the asphalt. The moon hung high against the backdrop of a starless sky. In the silent distance, a street light flickered, casting a blinking glow on the sidewalk. On, off. On, off. Light, nothing. “It’s following me.” America [...]