When he opens her up, she doesn’t care that they both look like monsters. 

South Korea, Japan, and their American friend know how to THROW DOWN

Canada called up Mexico one evening. “Hey, you haven’t seen America, have you? He’s not picking up his phone and he’s ignoring all my messages.” “You didn’t hear? Said he hacked into North Korea’s Google Calendar and found a secret meeting with Russia and China. Said he was mad. Said he was gonna have his own secret…


On July 28th, 2016, the Internet was whipped into a massive shitstorm as news articles everywhere claimed that North Korea had declared war on the United States. Kind of. America stood at the podium as blinding lights flashed all around him. He could make out several of the audience members through the spots: Times, Huffington Post,…

Thank you

Thank you rain, for reminding me that life will never be easy. Thank you mortality, for showing me that I can survive the things that scare me the most. Thank you war, for teaching me the power of consequence. Thank you failure, for making me stronger. Thank you resentment, for filling me with fire. Thank you tears,…

Bilateral: Mercy

“Why don’t you hate him?” Someone had to ask. (They had every reason to, knowing what he did to her.) Japan had asked herself the same thing. Over and over again until self-doubt wormed through her brain like an infestation. A voice would say: Because you know you deserved it. She’d shut it up and…

Bilateral: Fraternity

Nights like this were becoming more common. Nights when his ugliness tore out of its cage. Nights when he stopped pretending that he cared and admitted to his exploitative, controlling, and domineering nature. Nights when he tried to remember—and then struggled to forget—the friend he once was. Nights when they felt trapped.

Bilateral: Control

i’m bigger than my body i’m colder than this home i’m meaner than my demons i’m bigger than these bones It burned. Like vodka, like fire, like defeat. Was this death? Collapsed in the wreckage of her empire, she painted the snow beneath her hands red. Was this her blood?