Children of Umbra

Will you accept Umbra’s gift?
To refuse means death.
To accept means something much worse.

The Church and the Stupid Sexy Heathen

The nobleman fell to his knees and cried, “Please, release my family from your curse!” Esperance Valois tilted his chin up, arrogance showing itself in a wolfish grin. He said nothing and kept his gaze downward, tail swishing back and forth attentively. Getting no response, Lord Emilien pleaded on. “You’ve seduced my daughter, my son,…

Cat and Mouse

A vain nobleman with a blemished reputation and, usually, a stomach full of wine.
It should have been an easy job.

The Joker and the Thief

The stone wall of the musty cell felt cool against his bruised back. Slumped over in the corner, he tried not to think about the way his knees clattered together. Anguished wails ripped through the air from somewhere down the hall, filling him with terror anew. Before long the door threw upon and jeering guards…


Astrology, a conceited young wizard, and a broken marriage become a recipe for destiny.


“General,” Yao Yu said, voice chillingly calm, “have you ever witnessed the death of a star?”

Russia Stole My Girlfriend

Japan’s wristlet purse rattled all the way to the coffee bar. “Double shot, please,” she told the machine. It whirred to life and soon a steaming shot of bean water was filling a mug. She fetched a pill pouch from her purse. It had to be holding at least a dozen different pills in all…

It Gets Better

I’m not like other girls. I’m a twenty-six-year-old gremlin who lives in the basement.