A Guide To Loneliness

Many despise me. That should probably concern or even repulse me, but it doesn’t.

One China two China Red China blue China

Smoke filtered through the gaps in the beaded curtain that hid their booth. Between both of their cigarettes, the air around them matched the Beijing skyline.

Long, red nails clicked against porcelain as Taiwan fixed her tea. China smoked quietly and, every so often, resisted the urge to check his buzzing cellphone. Should have silenced it.

Guest post: The Darien Disaster

The Darien expedition to a mosquito-blighted swamp overlooked by forbidding mountains that separated the Pacific and Atlantic coasts was an utter disaster for Scotland.

East Asia family road trip

Imagine sharing a ride to Disneyland in a granny van with the Koreas, Japan, and China. Now, imagine wanting to shoot yourself. Those are basically the same two experiences. Japan sat in the back, content with blocking out the world via sound-canceling earbuds and techno-pop. North Korea and South Korea shared the middle row of…

The post-Brexit fallout lads

England and America sat at opposite ends of the couch, beers bottles and a pizza box between them. The thing was, you couldn’t ever look away from America when there was pizza. You’d grab two slices and there’d be six left. Look away for a second. Now there’s two slices left and he’s already eaten half of…

3 Pieces of Advice I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

Hello. I am Japan, Land of the Rising Sun. On the weekend I enjoy eating whole pickles and watching TV. On week days I enjoy eating whole pickles and watching TV. For some reason, the editor told me to include that. I write today because I am a country with a long and rich history,…

Write the World: August prompt

Write the World is a blogging event where history lovers and writers of all kinds can share their passion with other like-minded bloggers. The first Friday of every month, you’ll be given a writing prompt that relates to history in some way. It’s totally up to you how you chose to fill the prompt. To join…