“General,” Yao Yu said, voice chillingly calm, “have you ever witnessed the death of a star?”


I had this idea in my head for ages, like ever since I first heard this Beyonce song. 👌😩💦💦💦 But then I thought maybe I should do more than just post a picture. Like, maybe talk about something important. First, a disclaimer. I have no love for Putin and I never will, but I do love…

Russia Stole My Girlfriend

Japan’s wristlet purse rattled all the way to the coffee bar. “Double shot, please,” she told the machine. It whirred to life and soon a steaming shot of bean water was filling a mug. She fetched a pill pouch from her purse. It had to be holding at least a dozen different pills in all…

It Gets Better

I’m not like other girls. I’m a twenty-six-year-old gremlin who lives in the basement.

Sticks & Carrots

For a while, I’ve wanted to write stories that would play out, at least in one’s head, like a kind of sketch comedy where the “skits” are akin to single-shot gags. I guess technically those are called vignettes. The other caveat: it’s centered entirely around things (both real and made up) that happen at/in the…

You People Are Monsters

Having sex with a werewolf just before the moon’s rising was not Allen’s smartest idea.


Keep dreaming, trashboy.

Cuba’s (Not So) Glorious Communist Romance

Mexico was not North Korea. In fact, they probably didn’t even look the same naked. But Cuba wouldn’t know because she’d never seen what was underneath North Korea’s perfectly pressed, gray suits. If she had, she wouldn’t be sitting next to Mexico then, sticky leather seats beneath them and an expanse of constellations above.


When he opens her up, she doesn’t care that they both look like monsters.