MAD 7: The Alpha Dog and Megalomaniac

After Russia's proposal was rejected and she was laughed off the stage by America, who for whatever reason kept shouting 'how much does it hurt?' at her, the model UN broke for intermission. China and North Korea stood together at the coffee table set up outside the meeting room. For a while, the only noise was the [...]

MAD 5: Get yours, get mine

“To the United States of America, This is a formal declaration of war. Your insistence on shutting down my nuclear program threatens the peace and well-being of my country in the face of US and South Korean threat. Moreover, your false and aggressive accusations against me harm the stability of our relationship--which you seem to [...]

MAD 4: We need a war

To see previous  chapters of this series, click here. “The United States of America has just been destroyed by an all-out nuclear attack.” “What?” America screeched. He paused before screeching louder. “What?” “Wait, wait. I’m sorry, everyone…” Germany adjusted the podium mic with an apologetic smile. “That was, ah, that was the wrong one. My mistake.” “Who [...]

MAD 3: The day the music died

The G7 watched nervously as China and North Korea made off for the hallway to discuss nuclear weapons in private. When the two disappeared behind the door, an antsy America waited only a few seconds before zipping over to Russia and plopping down in an empty seat. “Hey,” he whispered, leaning in close but not too close. [...]

MAD 2: When it rains it rains really hard

He hesitated for a few seconds. He contemplated clearing his throat again. He wondered if he should speak slowly or drop this on them quickly. He questioned the sanity of whoever submitted this scenario. And then he announced it in that same booming voice, “North Korea achieves full nuclear proliferation.” The room fell silent, section by section, [...]