The Admiral and the Assassin

Sneering, Naoki offered a less enthusiastic assessment. “Wonderful cloak. Assassin? Cultist?”

“Both, actually.”

Ocean lapped at the Akarin shoreline as a breeze rolled through the island harbor. Farther out, the Crescent Sea became a calm expanse of azure and gently swelling waves. From the wooden dock, Sai and her crewmate Naoki watched as a sloop sailed toward a merchant’s vessel. From the lookout post, Vivi let out a low whistle and lowered her spyglass.

“Eels in our waters, Captain,” she announced. “A ballsy bunch at that, pillaging one of ours so close to shore.”

“Are there many?” Sai asked, not taking her eyes off the ships.

“Enough to get our blood pumping.”

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