Current Events: Everyone Wants a Piece of North Korea

Ever since the winter Olympics when the two Koreas took flamethrowers to their chilled and strained relationship, a diplomatic firestorm has been raging in East Asia–and that is not necessarily a bad thing. With an inter-Korea summit and Trump-Kim summit on the rise, the region has been a flurry of wild political activity. But how…

Things are heating up in East Asia!

Hi, friends. Along with working on, and struggling with, an Australia- and Canada-centric story, I’m also working on something I’ll be submitting to the one and only If they actually decide to publish my trash, ya’ll will be the first to know. But I’m back here today, specifically, to throw a small heaping of international…

Top 10 craziest things that happened in 2016

Coming to a close soon, 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people. The world of politics and world affairs was rocked with unpredictable phenomena and big, often worrying, changes. This post highlights 10 of the most absurd events that occurred this past year, in no particular order.

Need an election detox?

Tuesday was pretty hard for a lot of people. After everything that’s happened, you might want to stop, step back from it all, and smile about something. Here are some lighthearted and fun stories that will hopefully give your mind a much-needed humor cleanse.

Please vote in the US 2016 election.

“You’ve been screwing me big time in trade. Well guess what? I’m gonna screw you. I’m gonna screw you so hard–twice as hard as you’ve ever screwed me. You get that? I’m gonna be the best screwer you’ve seen. Believe me.”

Uncomfortable Japanese sashimi

When Japan picked up the phone she was greeted by a very distressed American.
“Philippines is going to your place today, right? Ask–ask her why she hates me.”
“Are you going to cry?”
“She did me dirty. That shit was hurtful!”
“Please don’t cry.”

Salty North Korean kimchi

Last week, the Philippines announced a foreign policy pivot away from the US and toward China, saying “America has lost.” But that wasn’t all it said. At the end of what was supposed to be a feel-good film (think: Chinese Homeward Bound), North Korea was crying. But that was normal. What actually concerned China was his friend’s…