Cuba’s (Not So) Glorious Communist Romance

Mexico was not North Korea. In fact, they probably didn’t even look the same naked. But Cuba wouldn’t know because she’d never seen what was underneath North Korea’s perfectly pressed, gray suits. If she had, she wouldn’t be sitting next to Mexico then, sticky leather seats beneath them and an expanse of constellations above.

The Anti-America Game

A blazing red Bel Air convertible barreled down the street, roof pulled all the way back and engine roaring. On the car’s bumper, a sticker that read CAPITALISM KILLS.

North Korea the Red-Nosed Nation-State: Part I

It was a special day at the North Pole. Russia was ecstatic when her new baby boy was born with a red nose, for she knew the vibrant color derived from the boy’s fiery communist resolve. “Look at him,” Russia said as she cradled her baby and stared in awe at the boy’s glowing snout….

Happy Black Friday from our resident socialist!

Cuba: Consumerist Hell Friday. Slave To Capitalism Friday. Corporate Mania Friday. Facilitated Greed Friday– America: Yeah, yeah. Bet you ain’t never bought a flat screen for just $300 dollars, though.

My big fat communist sh*tshow

Over time it had become a custom to throw a communist party every so often. This would often lead to complications because most communists hated each other. But the one thing keeping their solidarity alive was their shared hatred for the West–mainly, the United States. In the end, that was enough for them.