Everyone hates Britain

Britain has a very valuable lesson to teach us: If you colonize someone, they will hate you. There's another valuable lesson: if you're an imperialist power, other imperialist powers will hate you. Because almost everyone between the years 1700 and 1900 was a colony or an imperialist, almost everyone hated Britain. Maybe the best way to illustrate this [...]

Political Debrief No. 6

Welcome to Political Debrief, where the news isn't really news except when it is. This month around the world: Switzerland ate a lot of fondue and worried his neighbors. Even after he started to feel sick, he said that he was determined to keep going, telling everyone that they'll "never understand." China received a surprise present from the United [...]

Happy holidays! Have some cookies

  In the spirit of the holiday, I've turned the countries into cookies and let them loose upon each other. They mostly just bugged each other. So, the usual. Disclaimer: I'm really bad at decorating cookies.  

Hot chocolate with closers

Four Europeans sat together at a small, oval dining table with a plate of brownie alpine biscotti as the centerpiece. Four cups of seasonal happiness--technically, three mugs and one cup and saucer-- circled the treats. Theirs was a quiet meeting, except for Austria's occasional laughing. No one knew what she found so funny (mostly because no one was even [...]