Bad Comic #2: “North Korea”

North Korea detests that name, both in fiction and reality. The country (and its people) will always use the official name, DPRK. You may also hear DPR Korea. Calling the country “North Korea” is disrespectful and imperialist. That’s why everyone calls him–to his face, at least–Korea. If you don’t, he will scream at you.

The MAGA Chronicles: Globalism is for Cucks

The MAGA Chronicles is a new series that takes you on a journey with Trump’s America, where narcissism and depravity know no bounds. I never wanted to hurt my sister, but the monster must die. My hurried footsteps echo against the walls of the bare corridor in time with my heartbeat. Lights flicker overhead. An…

North Korea the Red-Nosed Nation-State: Part I

It was a special day at the North Pole. Russia was ecstatic when her new baby boy was born with a red nose, for she knew the vibrant color derived from the boy’s fiery communist resolve. “Look at him,” Russia said as she cradled her baby and stared in awe at the boy’s glowing snout….

Ouija boards will kill you unless you are a country

In an aging, creaking house in the middle of somewhere spooky, like a cemetery or something, America and Canada sat together at a small table. The flame of a candle quivered in the dusty, musty air. With their hands on the planchette, they circled the board twice and recited whatever it was you’re supposed to recite so…

History Share: The French and Indian War

History Share is a blogging event for people who love enthusing about the past. In my original post, I invited fellow geeks and writers to talk about an event in history that they thought was pretty cool. The goal is to share knowledge in a fun way and connect with like-minded bloggers. It’s been a…

Political Debrief No. 6

Welcome to Political Debrief, where the news isn’t really news except when it is. This month around the world: Switzerland ate a lot of fondue and worried his neighbors. Even after he started to feel sick, he said that he was determined to keep going, telling everyone that they’ll “never understand.” China received a surprise present from the United…

Happy holidays! Have some cookies

  In the spirit of the holiday, I’ve turned the countries into cookies and let them loose upon each other. They mostly just bugged each other. So, the usual. Disclaimer: I’m really bad at decorating cookies.