Allies & Assholes: A Guide to International Relations

Allies & Assholes (.pdf)


This political e-guidebook provides fun and entertaining excerpts of stories from this blog (along with brand new original content, whoa), along with a quick and easy breakdown of who hates whom and why.

Diving into the foreign relations of the US, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea, Allies & Assholes tries to make sense of some of the complicated affairs of East Asia and how everyone feels about one another.

Each chapter focuses on one of the six countries and includes a: autobiography, relationship cheat sheet, detailed look at how X feels about Y written from that country’s POV, excerpts from and links to relevant P&P stories, and a Further Reading section for quenching your thirst for knowledge.

To get you excited, I’ve got a free teaser (see above) that you can download and enjoy. It shows you about half of America’s chapter so you can get a feel for how the finished book will look.

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