Allison Black

A drawing of the writer

Hi. I’m Allison and I’m not sad, that’s just how my face looks.

One day I’ll have something very cool and important to put here (like “bestselling author of x, y, z…”), but for now I’ll start by sharing less impressive things. I write, of course, but I play video games way more often. I read non-fiction and fantasy almost exclusively. My favorite hobby is crying in the car. I’m a shameless politics and history junkie who will eat up anything about China and (North) Korea. And, I’m excited to announce, I am slowly–slowly–learning Spanish. I’ve got the basics down in DuoLingo so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Yo soy la leche, bebo hombre.

When my mother asked me why I want to write, a voice in my head answered before my mouth could: Because I have to. Most of the time I feel like I’m stumbling through life haplessly, hopelessly. Writing and politics–they help keep me grounded, help me find ways to give my life meaning. I guess that’s what brought me here.