(This story is NSFW)

With each thrust she gasps and claws harder at his back. His hips will grind her to dust and her soul will break under the pleasure. He’ll scatter her ashes across the bed, and she’ll suck his blood out from underneath her fingernails

When they finish she lies next to him and watches his chest heave with his breaths; up down, up down, up down. Like waves at sea.

She’s never felt this way about anyone else, and she never will. He pried open her ribs and ripped out her heart just to show it how beautiful the world could be. Ever since that day, she couldn’t escape him. She made sure he couldn’t escape her.

She grabs his hands and moves them against her body–gliding up her stomach, holding her breasts. After years of this, he knows exactly where to squeeze to make her scream. She blocks out the world and channels her hatred for him into his hands; she forgets her pain little by little every time she feels his tongue inside of her.

She used to think only of how different they were. Now she knows they’re the same. He gave her his disease and somewhere along the way she stopped fighting it. When their bodies crash together, it doesn’t matter that they’re infected. When he opens her up, she doesn’t care that they both look like monsters.

She pushes him onto his stomach and begins ministering to his most vulnerable and holy places. It is an act of worship. A feast. Ravenous fingers dance in and out of her prey. He forfeits his mind and his trembling body to her and she greedily partakes, fangs bared. She’ll mark him with her lips and teeth and remind him that he once feared her–and that he no longer has to.

She doesn’t know if love is the right word for it. If this is love, it’s primal and ugly. But also… tender. It’s tender when they’re laughing in the back of the coffee shop. Tender when they’re curled up on the couch, wrapped in blankets and each other. Tender when they’re sitting together in the dark, speaking nothing and savoring the warmth of their closeness.

After the ritual she curls around him and listens to his waves until they fall asleep.

Photo by sandrapeterson via Pixabay

Story inspired by Nichole Dollanganger’s song of the same name.

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