Upcoming Book: Manifest Destiny! Smokin’ Guns! And One F*cked Up War!

teaser image for the upcoming book

One cowboy. One fighter. One victim. One survivor.

This is the story of a callous hero with a calling from God, of the man standing in his way, of a declining empire struggling to confront addiction, humiliation, and weakness, of a woman coming to grips with a violent and uncertain future.

This is the Mexican-American War, told through a shoot-em-up western rich with moral ambiguity and anti-imperialism vitriol, and absolutely free of poorly-written Southern accents.

And so, the long and arduous journey beings. I’m excited to share this new adventure with you guys; many of you have written or are writing a book, so I know I’m in good company. Pray for me, ya’ll! But also definitely share your novel-writing tips and struggles.

Want a little teaser of the novel? Check it out below.

Prologue, Part 5 – “Oh Lord”

On the porch I took a respite from the blazing heat. My mind wandered as I toyed with my gun—cocking, decocking, cocking, decocking. I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing, just liked the sound it made.

Gazing ahead at the landscape stretched out before me, I saw defiant tufts of grass, green and yellow shrubs speckling the orange dirt, and red cliffs set against the bluest sky you’d ever seen. This was beauty. This was my home.

Just beyond my ranch, I could see thickets of trees that lined the winding Rio Grande. Soaring above the green was a three-striped flag, high enough so that I could always see it. So that I would never forget where he thought I ended and he began. I had my own ideas about that, and my own flag, too. Towering just as high, it sailed against the Heaven-blue sky. All twenty-eight of the stars looked down with contempt. They were a reminder of what I’d done to him. A warning that I could do it again.

Texas was just the beginning. Far beyond the disputed border were miles and miles of untamed plains, forests, mountains, and hills. It was a land so rich, so vast, and so desperate to be repurposed for a higher calling. In my dreams I saw this land, in all of its untapped glory, turned into an empire spanning from sea to sea—prosperous, powerful, ordained.

Who was Mexico to deny me the right to my destiny? Who was he to withhold the gifts entrusted to me by divine province?

I shouted, “Lord, what should I do?”

And the Lord said:

Take it.

Take all of it.

I pulled myself up, stuffed my gun into the holster on my belt, and called for my horse.

Featured image: Expression set courtesy of https://w00rmdirt.tumblr.com/

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