Story Update: 50 Shades of Authoritarianism

Hey, guys. Sometimes I feel the need to go back and update earlier stories for a variety of reasons. Today I’ve done that to a somewhat controversial piece from last year.

Header image for story, featuring China and a very gay America

50 Shades of Authoritarianism: 50 Shades Redder

This story came under fire on another website for coming off as racist and anti-China. While the latter was my intention, the former was not. Even so, I believe I was still in the wrong. My goal with the rewrite was to be not disrespectful to Chinese culture while preserving the two main concepts: America’s lust for China, vis a vis Trump’s ass-kissing of Xi Jinping, and his economic resentment toward China. The story is still at its core a bunch of bad sex jokes about morally questionable foreign policy.

To read the revision, click this or the link above. I’d appreciate your thoughts on the changes.

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