Korea’s Quest Illustrations

Here’s a compilation of some quick illustrations I did for Korea’s Quest. Includes commentary.

New Illustrations (not featured in the stories)

Russia’s armor is a fusion of Nicholas II’s uniform and a piece of gear from Final Fantasy XIV. I know that I usually draw her with platinum blonde hair, but I thought she’d look nice with dark hair for a change.

“I’m striking a cool pose; it’s modest, but it has the powerful forces of charm and confidence behind it! China’s there too, but who cares?”


Inspired by Emperor Meiji’s uniform, it’s Japan with her hair up. Buns may sometimes convey seriousness and a lack of empathy.

Featured Chapter Illustrations

Illustration for the story
Korea in a hanbok.
illustration of Japan for the story
Japan is holding the sword out here. I realize that might not be obvious because I can’t art.
Featured illustration for the story
China is unimpressed. With what? Probably the fact that I can’t pick just one painting style and stick with it… 😩
I decided to use the symbolism of a phoenix because Korea uses fire magic and phoenixes embody the idea of new life/rebirth.
an illustration of Korea's stone: Taeguk
Taeguk; the design on the Korean Empire’s flag looks slightly different from this.


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