2018 New Year Gift Pack

You ever think about the passage of time and fall into a pit of despair because you fear you’ve wasted your life and will never amount to anything? Anyway, happy New Year!

I put together a gift for you guys.

This includes 8 typography graphic posters featuring countries and some of the wacky stuff they’ve said. You’re free to use these posters as wallpapers, backgrounds, or yanno, whatever else. I think my favorite is probably the UK’s.

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Download individual posters here

Download the .zip file with all of them here

And here’s a New Year “Party” playlist to celebrate tonight.  I picked these tracks because they make me think of politics–because I love grasping at straws.

Listen to the playlist in Spotify

And I know that I usually plan things but only follow through half-assedly, but here are some cool projects I want to pump out in 2018:

  • An original P&P novel–possibly a wild, shoot-em-up Western adventure set during a pivotal moment in history
  • Re-writing and revamping Korea’s Quest and other multi-chapter series into novellas
  • An interactive world map that can be your pocket guide to international relations
  • Possibly a visual novel??!?

Again, thanks so much for everything this year, guys. I love all 600+ of you and I’m really looking to push and challenge myself in 2018 to make better content for you.

How are you spending New Year’s Day? What are some of your resolutions?

Glitter brush by Obsidian Dawn

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