P&P 2017 Top 10

What a year. For the world in general, 2017 has been a long and shitty rollercoaster ride. But rather than remind you of the rise of populism, the crushing of civil liberties, and the threat of nuclear war, I want to end 2017 on a good note. That’s why I’m looking back at my favorites stories I wrote this year. They may or may not have been popular, but I had a blast writing them and learning about the topics. So, here’s to celebrating your work, here’s to becoming a better writer, here’s to researching (which can be fun), and here’s to top 10 lists.

Favorite Stories of 2017

  1. The Anti-America Game – Cuba and Venezuela take starring roles in this short story, where Venezuela competes with reigning champion North Korea on who can be the most anti-American. It’s just that winning is easier if you rival isn’t actually participating.
  2. 50 Shades of Authoritarianism – Something’s changed in America and now he has an unprecedented love for Russia. What happens when two authoritarians fall in love? A terrible parody.
  3. 50 Shades Redder – Why stop at Russia? China is rich, charming, and a powerful strongman who just so happens to be critical to America’s North Korea strategy.
  4. The MAGA Chronicles: Globalism is for Cucks – This turns Trump’s hatred for NAFTA into a sci-fi short involving secret underground labs and evil technology.
  5. A Rare Look Inside of North Korea – North Korea experiences an episode of intense disassociation. A more serious story that wasn’t meant to be funny, but sought to illuminate the mind of a paranoid garrison state.
  6. Gangsters and Rebels – A Romeo and Juliet parody that takes place during the Cold War. Will Cuba and Mexico’s love prevail, or will ideological differences kill them both? (Probably the latter.)
  7. Korea’s Quest – Courageous and valiant maiden Korea (Joseon Dynasty) goes on a daring adventure to defeat the Great Evil and become a formidable hero!
  8. American Doctrines 101 – Ever felt confused during your AP US Government class? Well, here’s a painless guide that deciphers key foreign policy doctrines. 100% guaranteed to be less professional than your textbook.
  9. BLACK METAL SWANS OF CARNAGE – The Nordic countries put on a concert for their Baltic friends. Every rock metal show needs a little chaos, right?
  10. Western Showdown: The Battle for Texas – Out in the wild west, wars start because one asshole decides to annex another asshole’s daughter.

Favorite Blogs of 2017

These people are neat.

  1. Deep State Radio – I cheated with this one because it’s not a blog. But it is a great podcast that fuses foreign policy commentary with humor. Thought-provoking, honest, and entertaining. What more would you want?
  2. I Have Pretty Strong Convictions, I Guess – Wonderful flash fiction where you’ll want more than just 100 words.
  3. FLASH-365 – Yet another fantastic flash fiction blog, this one with great illustrations to accompany the stories.
  4. This Should Be The News – Fake News, except the kind that’s hilarious and obviously parody. Some of these posts are way too on the nose.
  5. Writing Bad – Short stories and practical writing advice, this blog has a hell of a lot of personality and I love the admin’s punchy style.
  6. In Saner Thought – Want to stay up to date with important things happening in the world, but don’t really care for excess? This blog is short, sweet, and insightful.
  7. thedrabble – A collection of short stories and flash fictions submissions. Great work.
  8. the slingsta – Honest and wry commentary on UK politics. You might be surprised to find that over there, shit is just as crazy as over here.
  9. Novelty Revisions – Meg gives pretty solid writing advice and isn’t afraid to keep it real; sometimes us writers need a little kick in the right direction.
  10. nucleardiner – I follow Cheryl on Twitter, where she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and skill. While primarily focused on North Korea and nukes, she’s also an outspoken feminist who isn’t afraid to call out misogyny and racism.

And lastly, I want to give a shoutout to just some of the awesome people who have stuck with me, probably against their better judgment, for years: babbitman, C. J., Sarah, Nic, Sabah, L. van Ree, iballrtw, Nicola, and Jade. Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement.

Alright, I have just one more post before I officially close the book on 2017. Check back in a few days for a little surprise.

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