[Teaser] Korea’s Thrilling Quest to Defeat the Forces of Evil and Achieve Greatness

Illustration for the story

Oh, hi there! I’m the Joseon Dynasty. While you can call me Korea, I will also accept the name Korea, The Beautiful. ūüėČ I existed for centuries–way longer than either of my modern-day “successors”–and my rich history is full of thrilling stories. I bet you’re dying to read one, right?

This is a tale about¬†a daring adventure where I defeat the Supreme Evil and transform into a great empire. There’s magic, risk, and betrayal–so exciting! Below you’ll find a little teaser, just for you~ If you like what you see, and I’m sure you will, come back next week for part two.


China tried, but he could not break me.

Korea . . .

The Mongol Empire came, but he could not kill me.

Destiny . . .

Japan thought she was strong; she thought wrong.

The stone . . .

France. The United States. They all underestimated me.

Use the stone . . . drive out the darkness . . .

I drifted through a strange, ethereal¬†realm, guided only by an omnipresent voice. My fingers brushed against constellations, stardust kissed my skin, planets swirled passed me. Even in the vastness of space, I wasn’t lost. I was being pulled toward something, and it wasn’t an unfamiliar¬†feeling.

Every since I could remember, I felt something tugging me along–an invisible thread woven around my soul. It carried me through the pain and the heartbreak, through the victory and the anguish. It wasn’t long before I realized . . . that string was destiny.

Soon I came to a magnificent crystal. It stood like a massive pillar, and even though I should have been intimidated by its towering might, I reached out and touched it anyway. Warmth washed over me, spreading like a fire. I heard the voice again.

With Taeguk . . . You must defeat the evil . . . 

After China, in his infinite weakness,¬† suffered defeat by Japan’s hands, I forged a stone. Using¬†tools of ancient power, I melded together the essence of heaven and the essence of earth to create a gem as formidable as it was lovely.¬† Through this weapon, I harness my power. Through this weapon, I lay waste my enemies.

an illustration of Korea's stone: Taeguk
Heaven and Earth, Hope and Haromy… Sometimes you need pain to know peace.

Feel its power . . .  Unleash its true might . . . !

The voice bellowed and it felt as if it were rippling through my whole body, rattling my core. Then the crystal began to radiate with a dazzling, blinding light.

Child of Light, will you fulfill your destiny? Will you conquer the shadows? Will you become great?

Everything began to fade to white. I smiled.

“Bitch, I’m already great.”

Catch Part 2 Next Week



This will be an analogy for how, after sweeping reforms, the Joseon Dynasty¬†declared itself an empire in 1897 .¬†. . which lasted for a few decades before Japan killed it. Joseon’s transformation¬†wasn’t necessarily a declaration of independence. More like, it was her saying, “Look out world, I’m an empire now!”

Side note: the taegukgi on the Korean Empire’s flag looked slightly different from the one in this story (and on South Korea’s flag). The idea is still the same, though.

Flower Brush created by http://www.thesmellofroses.com.

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