3 Years of This

Graphic celebrating the 3rd anniversary

July 2nd marked P&P’s third anniversary. You’d think I’d have that date memorized, but I actually only remembered because I saw a Facebook post from 2014. Apparently, I started this blog on Tumblr before moving to WordPress. Did you know that? I didn’t.

Sometimes it feels like not a lot has happened in these three years, but I had fun. I wrote some things that I liked, wrote some things that I hated, and met some cool people along the way. As a brand, P&P has changed a lot over the years as I’ve tried really hard to be unique and memorable. But at its core, P&P has stayed the same. My goal has always been to share stories with you guys and make politics a little more fun, a little easier to understand, and a little more accessible. Going forward, that won’t change.


(Above: The P&P headers throughout the years, oldest -> recent)

You know, one of my favorite things about writing these stories is that I get to be trashy. Get to let loose. If you watch political dramas like West Wing or House of Cards or Designated Survivor, everything is so proper and formal. If something goes wrong, if someone does something awful, they say, “Well, let’s have a civilized talk about what might bring X Country back to the table.” There’s no flying off the cuff. No yelling or swearing at other foreign leaders.

As a rule, I don’t think yelling and swearing are productive. I firmly believe that everyone ought to be kind and patient with each other. But I’ll be honest, it’s really satisfying to make the world act like complete dicks. Because if you throw away all the formalities and real-world consequences, you’re left with people who are very human in that they get hormonal and ridiculous under stress and pressure. Is it realistic that the leader of Vietnam might call the leader of China a chauvinistic bastard over the phone? No, but it’s raw. And in that way, I find it cathartic.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Above: A big slideshow of terrible people)

These characters are certainly not role models, and certainly not good people. In global politics, I think it’s important to remember that almost everyone is a villain who thinks they’re a hero. At least, that’s how I’ve come to see it.

So, anyway, here’s to three more years of dicks.


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