Valentine’s Day Cards for Politics Junkies

Have you ever sat there and wished you had some really bad international relations jokes to send to your sweetheart? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. Sending your significant other these inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards are sure to let them know how much you love them and hate yourself.



And more under the jump!



Get it? Should to shoulder? Cause they’re good friends? Man, I tried.


What does that even mean, China?
If you’re American, you’ve heard the phrase “tough on Russia” too many times

And for those of you who hate Valentine’s Day or just don’t care for sex and romance? Here are some North Korea flavors for you:


She does so in her biographical animated film Persepolis
Nothing tastes sweeter than self-confidence mixed with toxic narcissism.

If you like what you see, consider sharing these on Twitter or using them to harass your family members on Facebook (as revenge for being told you talk about politics too much). And if you’re single (like me), you can share them out of spite.

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cards for Politics Junkies

  1. Fantastic! I always sit around wishing I had good international relations puns for Valentines, and now I do!! Btw, I love the drawings that you have incorporated; really cool to see how your blog has taken off!


    1. Glad I could make your dreams come true 😉 Thank you so much. I’m impressed by your blog as well; you always offer such meaningful analysis in a truly thoughtful way that shows just how much effort you put into each post!


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