Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016


Happy New Year! Pretend like I’m saying that to you five days from now.

In typical blogger fashion, I’m sharing Prejudice & Politic’s top 10 most popular blog posts for you to either read for the first time or enjoy a second time; it’ll feel just like going back for another helping because the first was so good.

1. The Greatest Love


Featured on Freshly Pressed, this Valentine’s Day inspired story has North Korea and South Korea talking about feelings–or lack thereof–over lunch. It playfully touches on some of the ideological differences between these two through fun brother-sister banter.


Remember the time everyone read the news headlines wrong and thought North Korea declared war on America and a big wave of memes were sparked by it? I try to forget. So does America, because in this story he has to wrestle with the press about clickbait.

3. Everyone Hates Britain


In this interview style post, Switzerland asks countries why they hate Britain. Turns out, GB has screwed a whole lot of people (and not in the fun way). Accruing other’s wrath must run in the family.

4. The Life and Times of North Korea: Drug Money

This non-linear series chronicles the thrilling, emotional, and awkward history of North Korea. In this chapter, North Korea admits a terrible secret to China and asks for something rather uncomfortable as a punishment.

5. F#@& the EU

In the wake of the Brexit drama, a handful of the EU-sceptic countries have a chaotic Skype chat over whether or not they should pull their own “exits.”

6. “America First”

(Image from The Libertarian Republic)

Trump has a vision for America. America’s allies find this vision to be utterly shitty. In this story, scare yourself with some possible scenarios for how Trump might ruin all of America’s friendships.

7. The Most Hated Man in Asia

Nobody likes China. That’s understandable; after all, he’s going around claiming seas that don’t legally belong to him. With the Philippines, Vietnam, and most of Southeast Asia against him, China has like one whole friend. Well…

8. 5 Reasons Why the Fourth of July Kicks Ass

America explains why July 4th is the best holiday ever. Even if the holiday was celebrated months ago, America agrees that the best way to start any new year is remembering how much ass he kicked in 1776.

9. Trumpified

Donald Trump
Photo by tiburi

It makes sense that in 2016 a second Trump article would make it into this list. For this story, I took ridiculous Trump quotes and attributed them to countries that could have said them. It’s scary how fitting some of these are.

10. Bridge of Snow

Funny at times, heartwarming at others. Russia and America, two rivals who have been at odds for nearly a century, traverse an icy bridge in the middle of the ocean while sharing jokes, sentiments, and a hint of remorse.

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