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  1. Cool post! Can I get a little bit more of an explanation? 😊


    1. sarahbruso says:

      Thanks! I believe that international politics has a lot to do with overcoming. The world can be a terrible place and people hurt people. Latvia and its people, for example, suffered much at the hands of the USSR. But the key is to rise above the past hurt and prove that you can be strong and successful and thrive despite what people have done to you. By doing that, you prove that what they did to you didnt break you. Int. relations is a way for countries to prove this to other countries. At least, that’s how I see it 🙂

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      1. Wow that’s very true now that you pt it that way. Even the BREXIT is a way of showing other countries the power and independence.


      2. babbitman says:

        Um, no. ‘Brexit’ is an ill-thought out knee jerk reaction against the kind of attitude Latvia is demonstrating – cool heads, rationality, inclusivity & being a part of something bigger than petty nationalism.
        Yeah, I’m not a fan of leaving the EU.

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