Personality & Politics (Part 1)

Taking a break from the usual to try something a little different. Ever been to one of those popular text posts blogs on Tumblr? They’re usually filled with short, funny, and relatable blog posts. It’s kind of a niche sense of humor. Anyway, I thought I’d pair some of the best ones with P&P. So enjoy these little insights into the countries’ personalities–and enjoy the vague and esoteric political and cultural references too.

Key: The flags represent the country (character) that the text relates to.

american fitness
United States


Japan TV culture
The Revolutionary War
Summary of the American Revolution
North Korean foreign policy
North Korea
Russia is lonely
Russia just wants a friend.


French style
South Korean wealth
South Korea
Greece's bank account
Will I ever stop making Grexit jokes?
Switzerland foreign policy
Switzerland has the right idea.
Canadian winter
US foreign policy
US foreign policy, anyone?
Germany is tried
I feel you, Germany.

If you thought these were fun, stick around for part 2.

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