It’s Complicated! – A guest post by Kosh on Sri Lanka-India relations

It’s been a while since the last guest post and I’m very excited to publish this one. Kosh, a fellow blogger here on WordPress, is gonna give you guys a little look at the complicated matter of her country’s relationship with India. If you like this story, you can check out more of Kosh’s writing over at her blog World Through My Eyes.

Photo by Spiker (Pixabay)

Sri Lanka picked several more white jasmine flowers and filled her basket. The sun was getting ready to shine. Just when she was about to go into the house to worship Lord Buddha before starting her day, she heard someone saying, “Good morning!” She knew that voice very well. By the time she turned towards the low wall separating their properties, India was already craning her neck. She had a basket of flowers in her hands as well.

“Good morning!” Sri Lanka replied.

“What a lovely day!” India said. Her eyes had that look she gets when she wants to say something, but could not just blurt it out.

“What is it, India?” Sri Lanka asked. She had a good idea what India had in her mind.

“You are doing good, Sri Lanka. Keep your head down and listen to our advice and you will be in a better place in no time.”

Sri Lanka did not reply. There was so much she wanted to say. However, she knew India did not want to hear some of those things.

India kept on going. “Your leader-child is very good. He is very obedient. I love children like that. Children are meant to obey. I hated your previous leader-child. He was nasty.”

“He was nasty for you because he didn’t listen to you. He got rid of the terrorism weeds that no one could uproot for 30 years.”

“And what good has done that to you now? America is not happy because your nasty leader-child didn’t wait till America came to help with the weeds. America has the most experience with that, you know.”

“When something is happening to your home, you are supposed to try and fix it,” Sri Lanka said. “Not wait for others to come and help. Also, America should be happy that he did not have to get involved in uprooting someone else’s weeds, again. He is behaving like a child.”

“You know how he is. Terrorism weeds are his specialty. He doesn’t like anyone else taking credit in that area.”

There was a small silence. Sri Lanka’s eyes darted to where terrorism weeds used to be. Her eyes caught sight of the Hope sapling that was now emerging lush and green.

“If you listen to me more often,” India advised, “you can be in a better place sooner. But you keep doing bad things like making friends with China. You know, China and I don’t get along very well. He is always challenging me.”

Sri Lanka sighed. She had to tell what she had to tell.

“Look, India. China has been a close friend for a long time. Even when you were not speaking with me, China was always there for me. So, just because you don’t like him, I can’t put an end to our friendship.”

“Sri Lanka…”

“Wait, I’m not finished. I have to tell this to you. India, we have been neighbours forever. But, sometimes you forget that our properties are separate. Just because you are more powerful and wealthy, doesn’t give you the right to poke your nose into my business. I have my own children to look after. I will deal with my own problems. If I need help, I will ask for it. You can’t make decisions for me that will be advantageous to you while it creates more problems for me.”

“But your leader-child agrees with my decisions!”

“He is just one child. There are thousands more. I have to think about all of them. I see more than he can ever see. Let me take care of my children.”

India was not happy. Her cheery, big smile was gone.

“India, I am forever grateful for you for the good things you have done for me, like introducing Buddhism to me. We celebrate that every year in Poson (June). You know that. But you have also created trouble for me ever since we got to know each other. Just let me take my own decisions. I want to do what is best for my children.”

“I want to do what’s best for my children.”

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make decisions where none of our children have to suffer?”

India did not answer. Her face was not angry anymore. She seemed to be thinking. Suddenly, her mobile started to ring. Looking at the display, she muttered, “America…” and started walking towards her house.

Sri Lanka waited till India was out of sight. Her eyes caught the Hope sapling again. “I am not going to let you die,” she whispered to the sapling.

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