Bilateral: Chaos


By SSgt. F. Lee Corkran via Wikimedia Commons

The Berlin Wall was crumbling. 27 years of strife brought on by two superpowers who would stop at nothing to dominate the world—even if that meant tearing another country apart. It was dissolving now.

No, recovery wouldn’t be easy. No, things weren’t suddenly okay. No, the war wasn’t over.

But this was a start.

America turned, absolutely beaming, to Germany.

“We did it!” he said breathlessly as they watched hammers and chisels chip away at the Iron Curtain. “We did it.”

Germany may not have spoken, but his pure smile and misty eyes said enough.


Far away, Russia sat in her office and stared into the small pool of red at the bottom of her glass. She twirled it around in her hand, over and over. With each turn, her lips twisted further into a grimace.

A shatter pierced the air as glass shards fell to the ground and wine trickled down the wall.

You know what they say? One country’s liberation is another country’s chaos.

Inspiration from The Daily Prompt. Today’s theme was, obviously, “chaos.”


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