History Share: Everything can be easily explained in simple, silly terms.

Was there anything in history class that didn’t make sense to you? Have you ever wondered why India and China have problems with each other, why North Korea keeps trying to make nukes no matter how much it gets yelled at, or how and why the British were able to set the White House on fire in 1814? Well, we might be able to help.

Readers and non-readers, this is an invitation. Hit the comment section up and give me an event in history or a (political) relationship that you want to see explained through my characters. I’ll take some of your suggestions and use them in next week’s post. There’s two little rules.

  • Please try to keep it light. Due to the comical nature of this blog, I want to avoid grave subject matters as they deserve to be discussed in a more serious, respectful environment.
    • Bad suggestion: North Korean famine. This is not funny
    • Good suggestion: France’s joining the American Revolutionary War to piss off Britain. This is kind of funny.
  • Try also to keep it about international relations and foreign policy–something involving two or more countries.

And, hey, if you love writing and/or history, you should try it too.

If a suggestion catches your eye, make a post explaining it on your own blog. If nothing in the comments fits your fancy, be a rebel and write about some part of history that you personally love. And you don’t have to use my characters; explain it in your own unique, funny way.

When I publish my story next week, everyone participating can reply with a link to their own post. Tag your post as historyshare so others in the community can discover, compliment, and engage your work. And while you don’t have to include a link to my blog in your original post, I’d definitely appreciate it.

Now, let’s get ready to do what we love: talk about history ‘n stuff. Have fun, everyone!

3 thoughts on “History Share: Everything can be easily explained in simple, silly terms.

  1. I have recently run across two situations that might provide fodder for your blog, one in the past and the other current:
    The first (history) involves the Cuban revolution of the late 1950s, Cuban missile crisis, Bay of Pigs, US-Cuban relations, Venezuela, and the dissolution of the USSR (in light of the recent US-Cuban warming of relations)
    The second (current) involves the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China’s activities in the “South China Sea,'” for which members of ASEAN have different name(s) because the assets are/were theirs.


    1. Thank you for the suggestions! Cuba would be a great character to explore and I, as a Cold War junkie, love the idea of doing something about US-Cuba relations. I’ve wanted to write about ASEAN for a while; what’s more fun than a bunch of people yelling about China?

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