Bilateral: Heated

Japan and the United States retreated to an empty conference room after a meeting with China over territorial disputes turned into a diplomatic kerfuffle.

America was already on Twitter about to defend Japan’s honor (i.e., trash talk) when she spoke first, her usually impassive voice tainted by edge. “Unbelievable.” She paced with a furrowed brow. “You can’t tell because I’m suppressing my desire to outwardly express my anger, but I’m furious. In fact, I’m so upset that I want to jump up on the desks and throw things.”

“I got you,” America said, already in the process of climbing onto the desk in front of him.


Anyone lucky enough to walk in on them would have to wonder why Japan was going through breathing exercises in the corner while America made bestial sounds of fury as he lifted chairs over his head and chucked them across the room.


Japan and China have a history of disputes regarding the uninhabited Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. Both claim ownership, so, naturally, when two people want the same thing…

One of the things Japan likes about America is that “he’s willing to say the stupid things I’m smart enough to not say.”


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