The Life and Times of North Korea


“You’re going to know pain,” she told him.

“I do know it.”

“No,” she said sharply. “You have memories of what pain feels like—pain that wasn’t yours. You don’t know it personally. You will, though. But…” Her voice trailed off before she turned away from the window to warm him with her tender gaze. Heels clicked against the floor as she drew closer. Her hand reached for his his, but his eyes were fixed on her red lips. “But you don’t have to feel it alone.”


The Life & Times is a new series that promises you an intimate look into the people and events that shaped North Korea into what he is today–a hot mess.

This Cold War-focused series shows you the good, the bad, and the unbelievable parts of North Korea’s history. From war to narcotic smuggling to manipulating a superpower, see it all unfold through a series of vignettes each with their own narratives and punchlines. Think of it like a sketch comedy, except about the story behind a totalitarian dictatorship.

Major guest appearances from: Russia, China, and (reluctantly) the United States of America.

The first post is going to hit P&P next week. Stay tuned!

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