Bilateral: Grudge

North Korea stopped in his tracks the moment he realized it was not China sitting at China’s desk, but Hong Kong.

“Name,” the intruder demanded flatly.

“You know who I am.”

“Do I?”

He sucked in air with a hiss. “North Korea.”

Hong Kong was slightly stoic and weird and naturally a little boyish looking and North Korea didn’t like any of those things, but what he did like was their sweet trade relationship. So in many instances, he opted for tolerance.

“Oh, North Korea. What’s up, man?” Hong Kong held up a sheet of paper as if she were scanning a guest list. “Doesn’t look like you’re on here–oh, there you are. Okay, you’re cleared.”

“Where’s China?”

As if on cue, the door behind them opened and in walked the People’s Republic.

Hong Kong titled her head up slightly. “Sup, China. How was your meeting with Japan?”

North Korea cringed.

And, of course, Hong Kong noticed.

“Japan,” She said again. And again, North Korea naturally cringed. “Japan. Japan. Japan–”

“Get out,” China ordered in an impassive tone.

Hong Kong sneaked one more “Japan” before scampering out of the room with a grin.


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