UN General Assembly 2015: What They Really Said

Hey, everyone. Nic over at PineTreeRepublic gave me the amazing opportunity to write a guest post for the blog! Check it out here, and give PTR some love while you’re there. They’re a well-written political blog that focuses on Canadian news, but also on engaging readers and fostering community and intelligent discussion.

The story features my expert* analysis of key speeches made during the United Nations General Assembly earlier this month. Not sure what the UNGA is? Imagine each country taking a turn to stand on a metaphorical soapbox and  1) say a bunch of fluffy stuff about development and equality and peace, and 2) make really passive-aggressive insults at countries they don’t like. For the story, I used my personified characters to translate speeches by America, Russia, China, Switzerland, North Korea, and Canada.

Again, thanks to PineTreeRepublic for giving me the opportunity. It was a lot of fun to write. Maybe in the future, you guys will see something from them show up here on P&P (wink).

*Not actually expert; I just said that because it sounded cool

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