Bilateral: Bonding

Bilateral is a new, weekly flash fiction feature of brief interactions between two countries in 100-150 words. Each story offers insight into relationships and personalities. How will you interpret what you read?

The US and India spent the past three hours talking about infrastructure, Silicon Valley, sustainability, and nuclear trade. A retreat to the garden was a much needed breath of fresh air. They sat together on a bench and had one rule: don’t talk about politics.

“I would say,” America started as he stretched, “that we talk about football, but I think our definitions of the sport are a little different.”

“Just a little.”

“We could always bond over our mutual dislike for Britain. It doesn’t even have to be political. It can just be that, uh, England’s eyebrows look dumb. Or something.”

India smiled softly in reply. After a pause, his face lit up with intrigue. “Do you play Words With Friends?”

“I should warn you … I don’t show mercy.”

“Neither do I.”

And they both reached for their cellphones.

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