Political Debrief no. 3

Tired of reading about politics? The ironically named Political Debrief brings you a different kind of news: countries doing things that are totally and completely human.

This week around the world:

– On Monday, Greece ominously stated in a Tweet that he would have a big announcement by the end of the week. On Saturday, he officially declared that he never once cried during Titanic. This was shocking to many, as everyone expected the announcement to be about bankruptcy.

– Iraq has officially been kicked out the Axis of Evil by his two counterparts and is no longer invited to group sleepovers.

– A flame war sparked between the United States and Denmark over which region, North America vs. Europe, was better at popular online game League of Legends. South Korea diffused the tension by assuring them that they both sucked.

tweet conversation between US, Japan, and South Korea

– Romania marathoned a bunch of 80s slasher films Friday night and told Poland that she “hadn’t laughed that much in years.”

– North Korea took an online quiz and discovered that he was a “Type A” person. Feeling violated and angry at the inaccurate diagnosis, he begrudgingly left his computer to get work done because wasting time is stupid and horribly inefficient.

– Mexico decided to liven up his domestic life by naming his trash can. Painted on the side are the words “United States of America.”

trash can named United States of America

Photo 1 created using Simulator.com
Photo 2 by PublicDomainPictures

Read this post’s Behind the Scenes for all the political and historical references explained.

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