Can you blame someone for taking what you handed him?

To: me

If it’s not worry then it’s stress. There’s a reason why you’re sending me emails at two in the morning, and it wasn’t to ask me about what I think is the meaning of Rocky Horror Picture Show (although, to answer your question: it’s obviously a social commentary about the dangers of the glam rock movement). What’s wrong?

To: Canada (

Russia is scary but she doesn’t scare me. Once you see a person at their highest and then at their lowest, things change. I watched her rule the North then tear herself apart. There’s no more mountains for Russia, just valleys. If she didn’t pull the trigger on me before, she won’t do it now–probably. I know why you brought her up earlier, but you can’t really compare Russia and China. Russia is a honey badger. China is a spider.

Look, if China was going to kill me he wouldn’t do it with bombs. It would be slow and painful. Maybe I wouldn’t even realize it was happening. First, jobs would start to disappear–not like they already aren’t. Factories, businesses–gone. Big corporations selling their souls to the communist devil. But this wouldn’t happen over night. Nah, it’d be years of increasingly destructive trade relations and drywall. He bit me with his little spidery fangs and now the poison is trying to finish the job.

Let’s imagine a WWIII scenario. He’d have my money, my jobs, my businesses, my products. He’d use a massive military that I helped fund. Trade is power, right? You own a big enough chunk of the superpower’s market and you’re pretty much set. It’s not Russia or North Korea or Iraq who keeps me up at night. It’s China (and also the fever dreams).

You know, I’m willing to take some responsibility for this. I opened the doors. I rooted for him. I shook his hand. I was short-sighted. You know what else? I own the corporations that feed this machine. Maybe I underestimated them. But damn. Who would have thought, right? You can’t find a political economy book anywhere that doesn’t have at least one chapter with his name in the title.

You know that saying? ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice and continue to abuse an easily corruptible system, double shame on you.’ That’s how I remember it, anyway.

I have ‘Made in China’ on every box in Wal-Mart, and soon I’m probably gonna have it branded on my ass.

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